The leather collections by AIGNER combines the nostalgic charm of old manufacturing methods with the demands of today. AIGNER craftsmanship is a commitment to classic artistry, and simultaneously proves that change and tradition are not mutually exclusive. Each of the bag creations tells the story of its origin and allows contrasts to merge: modern techniques and designs are combined with proven expertise.

Germany's best fine bag makers work in the in-house "Modelleria" at the headquarters in Munich, testing out new designs and repairing old-fashioned bags on request.


In 2019, AIGNER was awarded the Erasmus Grasser Prize for special services to vocational training by the city of Munich as a training centre, which recognises excellent training in companies. AIGNER's commitment to enabling young people to learn the profession of fine tailoring was particularly highlighted at the award ceremony.



1. Remove dust and light dirt best according to the instructions with the cleaning agent from the AIGNER care product set.

2. Apply the care product thinly and evenly and polish again.

3. In case of raindrops, it is best to carefully dampen the object to avoid water marks.

4. Clean and maintain regularly, but not too often! If there is no particular soiling, once or twice a year - otherwise the leather can become overgroomed.

5. When storing, make sure that the product is not squashed and has no contact with other leather goods - it is best to store it in a dust bag.